In 1982 Peter Wilson left the football stage

"Australia in Peter Wilson had a world class sweeper who would grace any top team."
Helmut Schoen, coach of the later World Champion West Germany before they played Australia

Peter Wilson dominated the Australian Football scene in the years 1969-1982 Wilson was a hard, uncompromising, but never dirty player. He was a thumping header of the ball and tackled ferociously.
One of his proudest moments came in 1974, leading Australia into the World Cup. He was not only the captain of the Green and Gold, but also when representing his State of New South Wales, as well as his club. Players swore by the strength of his leadership. But off the field, he was a quiet, shy, and unassuming person

"Peter Wilson was the best man I have ever seen to put on the green and gold jumper.He was the Captain Socceroo, he was the Captain of the 74 team. The guys from 74 owe a lot to him. " Jack Reilly, World Cup 1974 goalkeeper in an interview in 2006









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